It can be tough to keep your carpets clean. It’s even tougher to keep some types of hard flooring clean when dirt and debris try to invade your home. Not only do some vacuums spread dust everywhere, they can even scratch your beautiful hardwood or laminate flooring.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of vacuum cleaners that promise one thing, but deliver something very different.

I’ve found that certain vacuum cleaners tend to work better in specific situations. That’s what The Vacuum Challenge is all about. Taking you through the best vacuums made by today’s top brands, together we’ll work to find the right type of vacuum cleaner to meet your needs at a price your budget can afford.

Household chores are difficult to complete as they are. Having a lousy vacuum just makes things worse. Let’s make life easier by finding the perfect vacuum for your home today.

Ben Walton, Editor