What Are the Benefits of Going Bagless?

If you’ve looked at vacuum cleaners at the store or online recently, you’ve likely noticed a trend: just about everyone is going bagless.

Both bag vacuums and bagless vacuums have been introduced with several different models. This can help to reduce the ongoing costs of using the vacuum cleaner, but it also means you’re exposing yourself to the dirt and debris you’ve just pulled out of your carpet with many models.

Saving money, however, is just one of the benefits that you’ll receive when you decide to go bagless. Here are the other benefits you may be able to experience.

#1. You have better suction.

Bagless vacuums tend to lose their suction less often than their bagged counterparts. Even when they do lose suction, you can often find the clog quickly and with less mess than a bagged vacuum. A bagged vacuum may help with allergies, but they also lose suction as the bag fills up. With a bagless vacuum, the suction remains constant and you typically have less mess when disposing of the junk you’ve sucked up.

#2. You save resources.

Every bag that is produced for a bagged vacuum takes resources. You pay for those resources when your purchase the bag. Then, when you throw a used vacuum bag away, there’s a good chance that it is headed toward a landfill. With a bagless vacuum, what you see is what you get. You may still need to replace common parts, such as a vacuum belt, but the ongoing maintenance costs are typically much less.

#3. You have easier emptying options.

In the past, bagless vacuums struggled in some homes because it would collect hair and fur up near the container input. The heavier dirt and debris would dump out, but the hair would stick up there and you’d need another vacuum to pull it out – if you didn’t use your hands, that is. With the modern bagless, you can dump your container outside, avoid the same messes of old, and never touch what you’ve vacuumed.

#4. You don’t need to deal with those crazy bags.

If you’ve ever tried to get a stubborn bag to work with your vacuum cleaner, then you understand what a time killer it can be. To be fair, some bagless models can be equally frustrating when trying to put together the connections so the vacuum will work after you’ve dumped out a mess. Bagless vacuums, however, tend to let you move faster through your vacuuming chores because you’re not experiencing as much down time with all the mess.

#5. You get to see if you sucked something up.

The vacuum rattles for a bit and then sounds like something heavy went into the container. You suddenly realize that your wedding ring is missing. Instead of now needing to dig through a dirty vacuum bag to find what you just sucked up, you can check the clear bagless container. Even if you haven’t sucked up something important, there is a certain satisfaction in seeing how much junk you’ve taken off your floor.

The benefits of going bagless are many, but it may not be the right option for every home. Consider all your needs, including allergies and asthma, before deciding on the right type of vacuum for your home.

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