Best Accessories for Shark Vacuums

In the Shark vs Dyson debate, one opportunity to get more value out of your new Shark vacuum cleaner is to equip it with the right accessories. That way, you can turn this equipment into a versatile all-house vacuum. It can become the vacuum for your automobile.

You might even be able to turn it into a helpful shop vacuum too.

Here are the best accessories that you’ll want to have if you own or plan to own a Shark vacuum.

#1. Pet Multi-Tool

This small accessory does wonders for the pet hair in your home. It quickly sucks up floating fur that lingers in the corners of hardwood or laminate flooring. It makes fast work of the stuck-on fur that gets into your couches, chairs, and other furniture. The real magic comes when you use this on your carpet because it can pull out the stuck-in fur that weaves its way into and around each carpet fiber.

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#2. Mini Motorized Brush

This is the best accessory for a Shark vacuum when you have small spaces that need to be cleaned, but you’re using an upright model. It acts as a “mini-vac,” complete with a bar with brushes to sweep dirt and debris into the vacuum. Cleaning stairs has never been easier with this helpful tool. It is also very helpful for cleaning out a car, truck, or van in minutes – especially when there are unknown messes that the kids may have left behind.

Make sure to grab the correct accessory that works with your Shark vacuum model.

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#3. Foam and Felt Filter Kit

Far too many vacuums today blow dirt and dust everywhere because of an ill-placed exhaust port. Thanks to this kit for the Shark Navigator, you’ll be able to reduce the number of allergens and potential triggers that are floating in the air. This kit comes with washable foam filters, a felt pre-filter replacement kit, and 1 HEPA filter. This kit is guaranteed to work with Shark vacuums that meet specific model numbers within the listing.

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#4. Under-Appliance Wand

Where is the dirtiest place right now in your home? If you have kids, the bathroom would be a logical first choice. Competing with the bathroom are the gaps and spaces around your appliances. Whether you need to get underneath the stove, a coffee table, or the dryer, this accessory makes it much easier to clean in those hard-to-reach places. With a little practice, you can even clean out must of your dryer’s lint trap with this accessory.

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#5. Multi-Angle Dusting Brush

You don’t always have big jobs to clean up, but you may have one nice pile of dust that needs to go away. Some locations in your home tend to collect more dust than others, like the top of your ceiling fan blades or the shelves near your television. With this helpful attachment, you’ll be able to get them clean without making a bigger mess.

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The best accessories for Shark vacuums will make it much easier to keep your home clean. Grab the ones you need to work with your new equipment and household chores will feel like less work.

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