Best Brands of Canister Vacuums to Buy

If you’ve been wondering if you should buy a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum, then it is important to see what the best brands of canister vacuums can offer. Canister vacuums have not made the same inroads to home use that upright vacuums have, but if you need pure power from a vacuum with the convenience of not having a bag, nothing beats the benefits of the best canister vacuums.

Here are the best brands to consider purchasing if you’re looking to add a canister vacuum to your home.

#1. Oreck 

David Oreck founded this brand in 1963 to product upright vacuums for the hotel industry in the United States. Their vacuums are lightweight, but still powerful, and have built a reputation as being one of the best vacuum brands in the world. Most are bagged models, but there are canister vacs, handheld models, and power team combos that can meet a variety of needs 

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#2. Bissell 

This is the brand that dominates the US market when it comes to floor care products. They currently hold a 20% marketshare. Founded in 1876, the company grew off the success of a carpet sweeping machine that Melville Bissell developed to help clean their family crockery shop. The first manufacturing plant would be built in Grand Rapids, MI in 1883 and Bissell’s wife, Anna, would serve the company from 1889-1934 after Melville passed away. 

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#3. Dyson 

James Dyson founded his brand in 1978 after becoming fed-up with the quality of the vacuum cleaners that were on the market. This brand would invent the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner, but only have more than 5 years and 5,000+ different prototypes were used. Dyson’s first vacuum was sold in Japan for an MSRP of $2,000. This would help him start the Dyson company in 1993.

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#4. Electrolux

This Swedish home appliance manufacturer may not be a household name in the US or around the world, but it will be soon with the quality of vacuums that it produces. Founded in 1919, vacuums from this manufacturer were sold for 80+ years in the US under the Aerus brand. It has been a leader in robotic vacuuming and continues to create powerful vacuums that make chores faster and easier. 

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#5. Hoover 

Hoover has been providing home products to get chores done for more than 100 years. The brand was founded by a janitor who had an asthma problem. Using his creativity, he invented a better tool that would reduce his lungs to dust particles as he was working. This brand has gone from producing six vacuums per day to employing 23,000 people that manufacture affordable vacuums for every budget. 

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#6. Miele 

This is the brand to purchase if your floors need a professional level of cleanliness on a regular basis. These vacuums work well on any type of floor, have incredible levels of suction, and place few limits on your reach. Founded in 1899, it has been an independent organization that is family-owned since its inception.

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The best brands of canister vacuums will give you multiple options to clean your floors without the hassle of changing dials or swapping accessories. Find the model which has the reach you need and your home will be able to experience a superior level of clean.

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