Best Cheap Hoover Vacuums

Hoover has been providing wonderfully affordable vacuum cleaners to homes for multiple generations. It’s one of the reasons why they often win the debate over Bissell about which vacuum brand is the best.

If you’re thinking about buying one, then here are the best cheap Hoover vacuums that are currently available.

#1. Hoover WindTunnel 2

This corded upright vacuum offers an automatic cord rewind so you don’t have to keep tripping over the power cord or drape it over the handle of the vacuum. It offers 5 different height adjustments so that almost any type of carpet can be properly vacuumed. Embedded dirt is removed thanks to the dual channels of suction this vacuum design offers. Accessories include an extension wand for the 8-foot hose, turbo tool, and crevice tool.

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#2. Hoover Linx

This stick vacuum is corded so you have consistent suction power. It has a reclining handle that can go virtually horizontal, allowing you to quickly clean under tables and beds with little effort. The wheels are designed to be non-marring on most surfaces, making it possible to clean hard floors with this vacuum as well. When combined with the edge cleaning bristles and the swivel steering feature, this is one effective vacuum for small spaces.

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#3. Hoover PortaPower

This commercial-quality canister vacuum has a surprising amount of power. It also gives you the option to use a commercial cloth bag that is reusable so you don’t need to waste the paper resources of traditional bags. There’s a built-in blower that makes it easier to do other household chores as well. With a 33-foot cable, a hose that extends the reach, and a compact form for some of the tightest spaces in the home, this is a surprisingly good value vacuum that Hoover has designed.

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#4. Hoover Commercial WindTunnel

Have you ever vacuumed your carpet and then realized, after you were finished, that there was still a dirt “ring” around your room? Many vacuums fail to work the edges of the carpet with any consistency. This commercial version of the WindTunnel is one of the most affordable quality options available that will eliminate that ring. With brushed edge cleaning, tools and accessories, and multiple settings for various types of carpeting, this vacuum will help you create a clean that can last.

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#5. Hoover T-Series

This version of the WindTunnel is surprisingly lightweight, but still strong with its suction power. It has 5 positions for carpet height that will help you clean virtually any type of carpet. The lowest setting does a decent job on hard floors as well. Where this vacuum really excels is on the stairs. Since it weighs just 16 pounds, you can use the strong hose suction to get right into the edges of each stair and pull up stubborn pet hair and more. Just watch the hose loop as it goes into the canister because pet hair does tend to clog up there if you capture a large amount at once.

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The best cheap Hoover vacuums will help you to quickly clean your home, upholstery, drapes, and more. Pick up the model that meets your needs the best and you’ll discover that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get a lot of cleaning power today.

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