What Is the Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner to Use?

The benefits of a Dyson vacuum cleaner are clear.

  • They are a trusted brand in a highly competitive home product category.
  • Although it has recently risen to prominence, the Dyson brand has existed since 1978.
  • Ball and suction technologies introduced by Dyson have changed how we all think about the status of a vacuum cleaner.
  • A Dyson vacuum cleaner is guaranteed to never lose suction.

It is true that Dyson vacuums tend to cost more than other brands. Even when comparing Dyson to a premium brand like Shark, the price of many Dyson models will exceed other premium brands. Yet if you can handle that cost, you’ll find that almost every model of Dyson vacuum has the potential to be the best vacuum you’ve ever owned.

How to Properly Use Your Brand-New Dyson Vacuum

Using your new Dyson vacuum is super simple. First, and perhaps the most obvious step, you must be able to plug the machine into a compatible outlet.

Once power is supplied to the vacuum, you’ll want to press the pedal at the back of the machine with your foot. This will lower the machine into the proper position for vacuuming. Then ensure that the wheels which stability the vacuum while it is standing have been retracted fully.

Press the power switch to turn the vacuum on.

Dyson vacuums tend to work better when they are used in small diagonal movements, like a zig-zag pattern, instead of straight lines that go up and down the carpet or floor. Use small wrist movements to activate the ball technology to accomplish this pattern.

Then continue to vacuum until the carpet or floor has been completely cleaned.

If you need to reach difficult places with your Dyson vacuum, you may want to use your telescoping wand. You can do this by lifting the wand cap and then pulling the metal wand from inside the handle of a compatible unit until it locks into place.

Pressing the wand release button will remove it and the hose from the machine. Then clean as needed.

Once you’ve finished, just push the wand back inside the hose. Make sure that the hose is straight before doing so. Then press the wand release button and complete the task.

Which is the Best Dyson Vacuum to Purchase?

We highly recommend the Dyson Compact Upright Vacuum if you’re purchasing your first vacuum from this brand today. 

This vacuum cleaner is the DC50 of old, but with a new name. It’s surprisingly lightweight at just 11.6 pounds. You also receive a 25-foot power cord so you have full maneuverability while getting the housework done. The cleaner head technology on this model is one of the best that Dyson has ever produced, giving you an immediate and noticeable clean. Back by two-tier radial cyclones for picking up dirt on all floors, you won’t believe what dirt will come out of your carpet the first time you use this vacuum.

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The best-selling Dyson vacuum cleaners all have the potential of helping you create a cleaner home.Choose the Dyson Compact Upright or select the model that meets your needs today and you won’t believe all the dirt your current vacuum is leaving behind.

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