Bissell vs Hoover: A Battle of Stick and Garage Vacuum Options

If you wander through the aisles of your average discount retail store, the chances are good that you’ll find a cheap Bissell vacuum or a colorful Hoover vacuum with a value price.

Let’s get something straight right now: these discounted vacuums are useful for those who have small spaces to vacuum. If you have fewer than 500 square feet of carpet, there’s no need to spend $100 or more on a vacuum cleaner.

In the Bissell vs Hoover debate, there is no need to compare the entry-level upright vacuums, whether they are bag vacuums or bagless ones, because they provide an equally good user experience. The suction power is reasonably strong, the filtration process is reasonably good, and the disposal component of vacuuming is adequate. You can choose a home vacuum from one of these two brands and be happy with your investment when dealing with small spaces.

Where the debate between Bissell and Hoover needs to focus is on their specialty vacuums. This is where you can find some real magic within the vacuum cleaner industry. There are some world-class stick vacuums that are produced by these brands, along with some excellent garage vacuums or shop vacuums.

Here are the key points about each brand that you’ll want to know about if you’re looking to purchase a stick vacuum or a garage vacuum today.

Why Choose a Stick Vacuum Over an Upright or Canister Vacuum?

Stick vacuums are essentially a scaled-down version of the modern upright vacuum. Most will not be as powerful as an upright, nor will they have the same storage capacity for debris, but they will provide the same amount of suction power so that a smaller space can be effectively cleaned at a more affordable price.

If you’re wondering if a stick vacuum is the best model to meet your needs right now, here are the key points you’ll want to consider before making a purchase.

#1. Stick vacuums are generally smaller and weigh less. If you’re tired of hauling around a heavy vacuum, then the modern stick vac is the perfect solution. Many of them weigh less than 10 pounds. This makes them useful for spot cleaning needs or covering the space in an apartment or small home. Because you get almost the same amount of suction power, you’ll find that many stick vacuums are rated pound-for-pound as the best in the industry today.

#2. Stick vacuums will generally cost less. Some stick vacuums are priced below $30 right now. Most models are priced below $75. You can purchase a model with all the bells and whistles with it, including a motorized head that replicates what an upright vacuum can do, for less than $200. It’s one of the most affordable options that is available today in the vacuum cleaner industry.

#3. Stick vacuums are easier to store. Most stick vacuums will disassemble at the handle for storage, allowing you to save a bunch of space when you’re not using the vacuum. Some models will even let you use the primary assembly without the stick handle so you have a handheld vacuum for your car, the shop, or those stairs that are tough to clean. A new feature that has come out recently is wall-mounted storage for this class of vacuum, further adding to the storage benefits.

#4. Stick vacuums are quieter. The standard upright vacuum will typically operate in a range between 60-75 decibels. Garage and shop vacuums may be as loud as 80 decibels when used indoors. In comparison, most stick vacuums tend to operate in a range of 50-60 decibels. There are always some exceptions to the rule, however, so it is important to check the manufacturer’s decibel rating on the stick vacuum you prefer if noise pollution is an important issue for you.

#5. Stick vacuums offer a unique versatility. Some stick vacuums are cordless and can operate for up to 1 hour on a full battery charge. Others are cordless and have 15 feet of power cord (or more) so you can have the right amount of reach. There are models that offer HEPA filtration. Some models give you brush roll options so you can clean multiple types of floors. If there is a specific carpet or hard floor cleaning need that can be met by vacuuming, you’ll find that there has been a stick vacuum created to get the job done. 

What Features Should the Best Garage Vacuums Have?

You’ll find that there are two types of garage vacuums that dominate the market right now.

  • Wall-mounted garage vacuums. This type of vacuum offers a large capacity, often 4-5 gallons at minimum, and allows you to have a permanent installation for your equipment. Reach is dictated by the length of the hose and any wand extensions, so you’ll want a minimum of 30 feet. Although these vacuums tend to be a little bulky, they require little maintenance and offer wet/dry capabilities.
  • Portable garage vacuums. These vacuums tend to cost a little less than their mounted counterparts, but large capacity portable garage vacuums can be quite expensive. You’ll find that 12 gallons of capacity will often exceed the cost of a wall-mounted garage vacuum. You have different design options available to you in this category, from the traditional Shop Vac style to the upright bagless models.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is look at the filtering process that has been built into your preferred garage vacuum. Some models come equipped with a replaceable filter, some have a washable filter, while still others have a self-cleaning filter. The replaceable filter models tend to have the lowest overall price in this category, but they have the highest ongoing maintenance costs.

If you’re looking to save some money, purchase the best filter possible that your budget will allow. It will save you time and cash later down the road.

You’ll also want to look at these specific features that may be included with certain garage vacuums that are offered by Bissell and Hoover.

  • Storage. There should be some type of onboard storage for this type of vacuum. This allows you to take advantage of the longer reach that is found in this category. At the very least, a garage vacuum should be able to store all its tools and accessories. The best vacuums will let you store some of your favorite tools too.
  • Hose. Cheaper garage vacuums tend to have a hose that is stiff and made from a high-quality plastic. The wand tends to be made from plastic too. Look for a metal wand and a durable hose with added flexibility to get the most out of your investment in this category.
  • Horsepower. The amount of suction that you’ll get from your garage vacuum is dependent on the strength of the motor it has. Look for a 2 HP motor at minimum if you need a vacuum that is dedicated to the garage only. The best vacuums in this category provide 5 HP of support. As a general rule, if you have a higher capacity model, you’ll need more horsepower to support the vacuum.

Many shop vacuums will offer different types of functionality to increase their overall value. Many models include a blower, for example, as one of their features. More functionality can mean a better clean, but it may also drive up the price beyond what your budget may like. 

Here Are the Best Bissell Stick Vacuum Models Currently Available

Bissell 3106-Q Featherweight

This lightweight vacuum is perfect for those small spaces that you have at home, but still want the power of a standard vacuum. You can convert this model into a handheld vacuum if you wish as well. It offers a 16-foot power cord, an easy-release dirt cup, and offers tools that can help you reach virtually any space in your home. It might be small, but it is powerful, and the price is highly competitive.

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Bissell 3-in-1

This is the all-purpose stick vacuum that is perfect for apartments or small homes. It has enough reach that you can clean an entire room without needing to move from outlet to outlet. Like other Bissell models, you can remove the handle to use this as a handheld if you prefer. For hard floors, it’s tough to find another stick vacuum that has the pure power to remove debris with consistency than with this vacuum.

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Bissell PowerEdge

This is the stick vacuum that has the power of an upright, but the convenience of a lightweight portable model. The unique head shape makes it possible for this vacuum to get into the tightest of spaces where pet fur likes to linger. You have 4 feet of additional reach with this model as well and the V-shaped swivel head makes cleaning around furniture extremely fast. It doesn’t work so good on carpeted floors, but is perfect for anyone with large amounts of hardwood, tile, or laminate that needs to be cleaned.

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Here Are the Best Hoover Stick Vacuum Models Currently Available

Hoover Linx

If you like the idea of owning an upright vacuum, but it just doesn’t make sense for your living space, then give this stick vacuum a look. It offers cyclonic technologies and a powered brush roll so that you get the same clean an upright can provide, but from the convenience of a stick vacuum. The wheels are designed to be non-marring, so you can use this vacuum on any surface. It also has bristles that clean right up to the edge, allowing you to remove that “ring around the room” look once and for all.

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Hoover TaskVac

If you are tired of cordless vacuums that run out of power way too soon, then this is the stick vacuum you’ll want to get for your home. It has a battery life indicator to let you know when it’s time to charge your equipment. Supported by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, you’ll have access to the WindTunnel technologies that are incorporated into many of Hoover’s best-selling upright vacuums. The brush rolls switches on and off as well, making any floor easier to clean than ever before.

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Hoover BH50010

This is an upgraded version of the Linx series and features a cordless user experience. It’s a multi-floor model as well, but the real strength of this vacuum cleaner lies in its low-profile base. You can fit it underneath the edges of your counters, run it underneath your furniture, or even clean the carpet from underneath your bed without difficulty. If you don’t have a compatible battery for this vacuum, make sure you purchase them both together today. Some models are sold without the battery.

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The Best Bissell Garage Vacuum Options

Bissell Garage Pro Complete Vacuum System

This vacuum provides you with 12 amps of suction support, picking up dry or wet messes around the home or shop. It will also convert to a blower so you can get rid of those pulled weeds or fallen leaves in seconds. The tank holds up to 4 gallons of liquid, so you’ve got plenty of space for vacuuming. When mounted to the wall, you’ll still have up to 32 feet of reach thanks to the lengthy hose that is included with this model. With 7 attachments and lots of convenience, this is an excellent garage vacuum that every home deserves to have.

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Bissell 9595A

This vacuum might be more of an upright in design, but it has the heart of a solid garage vacuum. It provides you with easy and fast cleaning due to an innovative design on the brush roll that brings in more dirt and debris. You can clean carpet in just one pass with this model or quickly remove a pile of swept up debris out in the garage. The cyclonic system allows for long-lasting suction so this vacuum is also difficult to clog up. Multiple levels of filtration combine with a washable filtration system to give you long-lasting core support.

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Bissell 1650A

This vacuum might be marketed to help pet owners clean up the fur that has shed from their animals, but it does an excellent job in the shop as well. The LED crevice tools will help you find and remove the dirt that lingers in the dark corners of the garage. You also have a TurboEraser tool that will help to remove embedded messes from carpets, rugs, and more. Choose the post-motor filter to help eliminate allergens from your working space as well and you’ll find this to be an excellent vacuum that can meet almost any need you may have.

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The Best Hoover Garage Vacuum Options

Hoover GUV ProGrade

This wall-mounted vacuuming system is one of the most rugged models in this category. It offers a 10-amp motor that gives you the power needed for a tough mess, but still operates quietly so your ears aren’t left to ring after you’ve finished working. The filter is designed to be self-cleaning and is rated for the lifetime of the product. When this vacuum is mounted to the wall of your shop or garage, you’ll no longer need to replace filters or bags every again. This model has a 5-gallon capacity.

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Hoover React

What’s great about this bagless vacuum is that it offers FloorSense technology. Using sensors that are built into the vacuum, it can sense the floor type that it is cleaning and adjust the brush roll speed to accommodate your needs. That means this vacuum works just as effectively in the shop as it would in your home. It also offers a “surge” feature that allows you to capture the most debris in a short time. This vacuum can also interact with the new Hoover app, allowing you to customize your cleaning experiences so that you can focus on your best practices. A deluxe model is also available.

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Hoover WindTunnel 3

If you like the idea of a bagless upright and want to bring that into your shop or garage, then consider this model. It offers twice the cleaning speed of previous WindTunnel models and has exclusive triple-channel wind tunnel technology. You’ll have 40 feet of cord length in which to work, plus an extra 15 feet with accessories and the wand, for a tremendous amount of range. Numerous tools and accessories are included with this vacuum, allowing you to take advantage of 13 powerful cyclones that will let you attack any mess with great effectiveness.

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Bissell vs Hoover: Which is Better for Your Home or Garage?

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality vacuum to clean a small space, need something powerful for your shop or garage, or want a solid all-in-one option, the Bissell vs Hoover debate can help you to decide which type of vacuum cleaner works best for you.

Be sure to review our Shark vs Dyson debate for more information about excellent household vacuums that could meet your needs as well.

A cleaner home is waiting right around the corner. Invest into the best vacuum today and enjoy the journey.

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