Top Accessories for Dyson Vacuums

When looking at the Shark vs Dyson debate to find the best vacuum cleaner, the accessories that are available are one of the key points that must be considered. Dyson offers consumers a wider variety of accessories and tools that have specific properties and benefits. This allows you to take advantage of the cyclonic suction power that has made Dyson a top brand.

Here are the best accessories to consider adding to your Dyson vacuum. 

#1. Tangle Free Turbine Tool

This tool works with most canister and upright vacuums that are made by Dyson, from the DC19 onward. Cordless vacuums and the DC24 are incompatible. It does an excellent job of picking up longer fur, especially from upholstery. If you have a pet bed, this tool will help get it cleaned up quickly without excessive vacuum pressure. It’s a real time-saver.

All you need to do is slip this tool onto the end of the wand and you’re ready to get to work. Unlike other tools that wrap the fur around a small rotating brush, this helpful gadget makes it possible to clean up that fur and dispose of it for good.

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#2. Grooming Tool

Why wait for your pet to shed to clean up their fur when you could grab that fur before it starts floating around the house? This grooming tool by Dyson cuts out the tangles of fur from your pet and then vacuums the loose fur away from the pet’s body without the high suction problems from a traditional attachment. It does an excellent job of controlling pet dander as well.

Of course, some pets don’t like the idea of anything foreign touching their bodies. You may find that there is a certain fear when first using this tool because it is new, but that fear tends to subside quickly because of its clever design. It simulates the action of combing out the fur as you normally would, with light suction to remove the extra fur and dander, and that is less bothersome than the traditional vacuum method.

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#3. Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush

If you live near the desert or the beach, then the fine dust that sand can create can be a real nuisance in your home. Your vacuum might be able to pick it up, but not before you send numerous particles into the air. This tool gives you the chance to pick up fine dust on delicate surfaces. With its narrow profile, it is the perfect accessory for those who have allergies or deal with asthma.

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#4. Telescoping Crevice Tool

This accessory allows you to reach those places in your home where dust, dirt, and debris tends to linger. The shape of the tool allows it to reach into most crevices without clogging on normal dirt and debris. The brush end makes it very easy to remove dust and cobwebs from high places. If you own a Dyson vacuum, this is the one tool you’re going to be glad you have.

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The best accessories for Dyson vacuums will help you get chores done better and faster. Grab the ones you need today so that your home can be the welcoming environment you want it to be.

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